Breathwork Facilitator Training 2023


March 11-18 or March 25-April 1
Nosara, Costa Rica

2023 Breathwork Facilitator Experience – register now
Curriculum includes…

  • Physical body anatomy and practices to prepare the main channel for expansion of breath.
  • Understanding of Breathwork theory through birth story, samskara (Patterns) and timeline awareness.
  • Intentional Breathwork Practices and Movement Inquiry
  • Nervous system balancing
  • The art of Holding Space for yourself and others
  • Energy Medicine Anatomy and contemplative inquiry through movement, breath contemplation and expressive arts
  • Nature immersion and how to hold space in sacred ceremony with breath and nature medicines
  • Adaptive breathwork practices including pranayama preparation, circular breathing and grounding and integration techniques
  • Repatterning approach through progressive breath and action guidance.
  • Observation, practice teaching and practicum for 1:1 sessions and group offerings.
  • Introduction and application of physical and energetic bodywork.

Please email for an application and to schedule an interview. Space in this program is open for a maximum of 10 students per module.


Tuition $1200 early registration paid in full.
Early registration deadline for March 11th start is Feb 17, for March 25th start is Feb 24.
Late registration $1350.

Once your commitment is made with payment in full you will receive a downloadable Facilitator Training manual, reading list, preparation work and access to private library breathes to get you started in your personal practice.

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A Professional Training of Breathwork and Aligned Living

Casa Verano Eterno, Playa Guiones
Nosara, Costa Rica

March 11-18 or March 25-April 1, 2023


Saturday 1-5pm
Sunday 9-1pm
Monday 9-12 and 2-4pm
Tuesday 1-5pm
Wednesday 9-12 and 2-4pm
Thursday 1-5pm
Friday 9-12 and 2-5pm
Saturday 18th 9-1pm

Who is it for:

The Professional Groove Experience is perfect for you if you wish to become a breathwork facilitator, or wish to incorporate Breathwork as a technique into your professional offerings. You will be given the structure and freedom to go at your own pace while developing your work with 1:1 clients (both in person and through the distance) and progressive group practices.

About the Method:

Breathwork is an experience of support through intention, series of guided breathing exercises leading into a sustained conscious, connected circular breathing cycle that may create a heightened state of awareness in the practitioner. Through the deep meditative effect initiated by the sustained circular breath, stuck energetic patterns and belief structures may be dislodged and the nervous system repatterned for greater harmony and wellness.

The Breathwork Facilitator Training was first launched in Nosara, Costa Rica in May, 2016 as Ashley Ludman graduated her first group of students after a week-long intensive in the method. Since then, the introductory facilitator training has continued to expand, and is now offered in module formats to meet the growing demands of the work.

To request information or to inquire of upcoming programs please email