Breathwork is a powerful tool that has been used for the process of healing and transformation by both ancient and modern healers. Accessing a deeper realm and ability to receive and give each breath your full capacity can be a change agent in your life.

The Body of Breath Method is one that is rooted in tantric philosophy combined with Yogic and modern breath work theory and practice. Each curated breathwork journey empowers breathers to find potency in all possibilities of life expression (both shadow and light) to attune, accept and discover empowered choice in the next breath.

Each experience is supported by intention and guidance of movement inquiry, energy medicine and adaptive choices to guide breathers in unlocking the wisdom within the higher self.

Breathing techniques, guided contemplations, embodiment practices and bodywork serve as catalysts to release and repattern nervous system responses. Each session is designed to support the breather to dislodge old beliefs and patterns that create limit or suffering. When experiencing freedom in the breath and body, new insights and choices can be much more easily accessed in future moments.

In addition to specific practices that can lead you to higher levels of sensitivity, endurance and ease of breathing, Breathwork offers the practitioner the ability to live physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually in a place of radiant health and potential. During this experience, you may experience past memories, emotions, and purifications that might dislodge old habits, patterns and belief structures. It is up to you to create new actions and patterns as a result of what you uncover in your session. With compassionate support, you will be expertly guided towards greater freedom, clarity and strength to create new patterns and relationships in your life.

Breathe Virtually

The Women's Breathwork experience is designed to share the power of breathwork and guided support in the comfort of your own space. Our circle is open to women who desire living in their most optimal life alignment, one breath at at time.

Facilitator Training

Breathwork Facilitation is a powerful tool that can support your personal growth and professional practices. Join us for a foundational experience in the US or Costa Rica. Each experience is curated to support you and help you find your unique voice in the world.

Community Support

The power of our community is our main strength. When an individual makes a healthier choice for the self, it has effects on the whole. Join us to experience the power we are creating.

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