About the Body of Breath

The Body of Breath is a living and ever emerging community of breathers dedicated to uplifting the world.

Every person holds the grooves and information that will support the process of living in the most optimal alignment through healing and transformation. When an individual makes a healthier choice for themselves, this choice has effects on the whole.

In this most unprecedented times, we are creating a future history. We are re-patterning past grooves, traumas and realigning our future stories to help collectively heal the world, if we choose to do so.

Since moving into lockdown, isolation and mandated life constrictions, our collective society is in a position where our individual and familial mental health is up for renegotiation. The breath is the single thread that we have in common. It is an immediate link to move us to a more aligned life choices so that we can live in greater understanding and support of one another.

In every breath there is a possibility of a new reality.

The power of our community is our main strength. Align to your inner possibilities and join us to create a world that is sustained by kindness, mindfulness, support and love.

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