About the Body of Breath

The Body of Breath is a living and ever emerging community of breathers dedicated to uplifting the world.

Every person holds the grooves and information that will support the process of living in the most optimal alignment through healing and transformation. When an individual makes a healthier choice for themselves, this choice has effects on the whole.

In this most unprecedented times, we are creating a future history. We are re-patterning past grooves, traumas and realigning our future stories to help collectively heal the world, if we choose to do so.

Since moving into lockdown, isolation and mandated life constrictions, our collective society is in a position where our individual and familial mental health is up for renegotiation. The breath is the single thread that we have in common. It is an immediate link to move us to a more aligned life choices so that we can live in greater understanding and support of one another.

In every breath there is a possibility of a new reality.

The power of our community is our main strength. Align to your inner possibilities and join us to create a world that is sustained by kindness, mindfulness, support and love.

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Ashley Ludman


In 2019, Ashley Ludman, Founder and Creative Director of the Body of Breath, sat in front of the Pacific Ocean meditating into the method and experiences that she has been using for herself and her students for the past couple of decades. The images of the record and its grooves, the rings of the tree’s core, the spider’s web and convergence points, the map of the eye and the human finger prints and the never ending quality of the waves that changed the shoreline on a daily basis began to inpsire her to write down what she was doing and how the practice of contemplative breathwork healed her. The images and meanings started converging to cultivate the method of the Body of Breath while her desire to support a community of fellow human breathers prompted her to begin to share this with others.

And, then, in March 2020, while she was preparing to teach a Breathwork Facilitator’s Experience at the NY Open Center at the end of the month, she was nudged from within to go home to Costa Rica as NYC was starting to close down around her.

She returned home and began meditating again into how the practice of breathwork needed to adapt to the changing world around her. This new method of breathwork was evolving based on her knowledge of supporting those to recover from trauma and balance the nervous system, and take greater responsibility for repatterning their lives from the inside out.

Ashley spent the next year refining offerings through the etheric web, and was surprised in the power of the breathwork through the distance within the live space. She has been continuing to develop the offerings of the group and personalized support ever since.

In September of 2021, only a week into that Facilitator Training that was being offered through the Open Center, Ashley met yet another turning point that gave huge affirmations to her purpose for beginning and continuing her journey of healing.

Ashley was adopted in 1973, and has been in search for her biological story since she was given non-identifying information at the age of 11. On September 20, 2021, she finally made contact with her biological mother.

Through the conversations since, many of the breathwork experiences and the journeys that Ashley has taken inside of her cells, DNA and anscestral history have been affirmed, making it even more important to share this work now.