Women’s Breathwork Circle 2 2023

Cycle 2 June 12-2023 Themes: Purification and Embodiment Practices, Shadow Work, Ancestral Stories, Nervous System Repatterning, The Archetypes of the Feminine Life Cycle, Philosophy in the Practice of Real Life.

Women’s Breathwork Circle 1 2023

Cycle 1 March 13-June 3 Themes: Foundations of Breathwork, Multidimensional Body Maps, Seeing through the Tantric Lens, Movement Inquiry and Physical Body Breathing, Nervous System Regulation, Breath as Medicine, Microdosing Support Calls, Energy Medicine Breathes, Changing Response Patterns, Presencing, The Awareness of Nourishment, The Art of Communication, The Work of the Work (Integration Support), New and […]