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Thank you for joining in on the adventure with The Body of Breath. We are excited to share more with you through the distance and in person in the time to come. Please note that your investment in the experience that you are committing to is non-refundable, only transferrable to an alternate program. 

If you are joining us in person, especially internationally, we highly encourage trip insurance to secure your plans. We understand that life can change rapidly from one day to the next and we will do everything that we are able to accommodate your changes. 

The Body of Breath is dedicated to creating experiences that are personally designed to support you, and we purposefully keep our classes, workshops, retreats and trainings limited in numbers so that you are supported to the best of our ability. We also strive to keep our prices as accessible as we can, while also fulfilling our commitments to our own sustainability. 

If you need financial payment plans to help your present circumstance, please reach out and see what we can do to create a reciprocally supportive solution.