The Body of Breath Facilitator Training 2024

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Playa Pelada, Nosara, Costa Rica and various locations in the US for the personal practice and foundations portion. Choose your own pace with the various distance modules offered through the year.

Curriculum includes:

  • Physical body anatomy and practices to prepare the main channel for expansion of breath.
  • Understanding of Breathwork theory through birth story, samskara and timeline awareness.
  • Multidimensional Kosha Mapping
  • Intentional Breathwork Practices
  • Somatic Inquiry: The balance of Masculine and Feminine approaches to movement.
  • Nervous system: sympathetic and parasympathetic branches and balancing, vagus nerve with practices for dorsal and ventral complex (polyvagal theory) balance.
  • Energy Medicine Anatomy and contemplative inquiry through movement, breath contemplation and expressive arts.
  • Nature immersion and sacred ceremony with breath and nature medicines.
  • Adaptive breathwork practices including pranayama preparation, circular breathing and grounding and integration techniques.
  • Repatterning approach through progressive breath and action guidance.
  • Observation, practice teaching and practicum for 1:1 sessions and group offerings.
  • Introduction and application of physical and energetic bodywork.
  • Some modules will include water breathes (locations and weather permitting.)

A Professional Training of Breathwork and Aligned Living

Casa Zorro, Playa Pelada, Nosara, Costa Rica

Inquire for dates through 2024


In this foundation level experience, you will experience 2 breathes and sessions per day with plenty of time for conscious integration (walk to the beach, time in your personal practice, journal writing, art expression.) Prior to the retreat, you will begin to have access to the online library, facilitator manual and we will have a follow up support call after the training’s completion.

Who is it for:

The Professional Groove Experience is perfect for you if you wish to become a breathwork facilitator, or wish to incorporate Breathwork as a technique into your professional offerings. You will be given the structure and freedom to go at your own pace while developing your work with 1:1 clients (both in person and through the distance) and progressive group practices.

To connect directly with Ashley Ludman to see if the Professional Groove is a fit for you, schedule an Inquiry Call today!


$2650 includes tuition, shared lodging and meals.

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Course is limited, and is curated as a semi-private experience. Register now and get access to all breathwork recordings from our private library and join for upcoming preparation sessions!