Kelly Berkley

The Body of Breath Breathwork Facilitator


About Kelly

My initial interest in breathwork began with my asthma and not being able to get a full inhalation. This caused me some persistent, low-level anxiety. As a meditator, I focus on my breath which made my meditations frustrating. I began consuming as much information about breathwork as I could and meeting with asthma experts from different breathwork methodologies such as Buteyko and Coordinated Breathing. They helped my asthma significantly. Along the way I discovered rhythmic circular breathing (aka conscious connected breathing) which has shown me how expansive the healing benefits of breathwork can be. It goes far beyond helping with asthma. The healing benefits are physiological and psychological.

Through yoga, I have come to honor the close relationship of the mind and body and how much what’s going on mentally shows up physically (whether big or small). Through rhythmic circular breathing (tantra energetic breathwork) the unconscious mind can bubble up to the surface. Breathwork can help to loosen the physical tightness as well as emotional anxiety stored in the body and mind. It can provide a release mentally and physically and help you rewrite old patterns and beliefs. Breathwork can be powerful. Your experience with it may be a deep one. Enjoy.

Trainings & Certifications

  • Certified breathwork facilitator in The Body of Breath method by Ashley Ludman (2022). It is a type of conscious connected circular breathing influenced by tantra energetic breathwork. In-person training in Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Year-long mentorship and training program led by Ashley Ludman (2022-2023). Virtual
  • Yoga Teacher Training (RYT-200) from Bienestar Yoga (2021) in-person in Uvita, Costa Rica
  • Pranayama Certification from Beloved Yoga (2019) in-person in Reston, VA