Amy Grace Sullivan

The Body of Breath Breathwork Facilitator | Reiki Master | Intuitive & Spirit Guided Healer


About Amy

Amy is deeply connected to nature, spirit, and cosmic energy. She is passionate about empowering her students journey to find a deeper mind, body, spirit connection. She listens and holds space with the importance of self-love and acceptance to create an energetic balance of relaxation and awakening with each breath received.

She believes in the practice of breathwork to repattern the nervous system through conscious connected circular breath to bring a renewed alignment with our innate sense of self. This method of breathwork is a tantric energetic practice that taps into the various subtle bodies to dive into an expanded state of consciousness. She integrates breathwork into her practice to recharge and ignite the fire to dissolve any unwanted emotions, tensions, old patterns that no longer serve to make space for peace, clarity, and awareness.

The accompaniment of intention and the vital life force of each breath we can create transcendent energetic shifts to support our healing on countless levels.

The power that made the body, heals the body. ~

Trainings & Certifications

  • Body of Breath mentorship and training program with Ashley Ludman (2022/23)
  • Certified Breathwork Facilitator – The Body of Breath with Ashley Ludman (2021)
  • Reiki Master Practitioner – Joanna Crespo @ The Open Center (2019)
  • Yoga Teacher Training/Ayurveda (RYT-150) – Laughing Lotus (2013)
  • Yoga Teacher Training (RYT-200) – Sankalpah Yoga (2010)