The Professional Groove Experience 2022

Breathwork has been used through the ages for wellness and longevity practices, as an adjunct to natural medicine, and in modern days, as a primary tool for healing and understanding the grooves of what makes us human.

As life gets increasingly complex, we are now even more clear about how the use of breathwork can support a human breather’s process of healing wounds and traumas that are a part of living life. We can’t always protect ourselves from the hurts that arise throughout our lifespan, but with the medicine of the breath, and a skillful spaceholder, we are able to find support and Grace as we repattern grief, understand and integrate the shadow sides of life and rise to the occasion in our unique resilience to live life to the fullest.

The Professional Groove Experience is about getting to the core of who you are, what makes you tick, and what you need to release in order to truly thrive in this gift of a life YOU have been given. AND, once you find the inner tools, you will be guided to hold space for others to find their own clarity through the thread of Breathwork, Contemplation and Aligned Living.

Through Breathwork, Energy Medicine, Reflective Listening and Compassionate Support, YOU will be guided to be the teacher to yourself that you have been searching for, and receive the foundational steps to support others in your own unique ways.

How to participate:

Complete the application then schedule an inquiry call for The Professional Groove Experience where in addition to the full immersion schedule and private library, the next group cohort will begin in the Fall of 2022 (specific dates TBA)


I am engaging Ashley Ludman, dba The Body of Breath to help me grow in the 12 month “The Body of Breath Inner Groove Experience.” The Body of Breath will provide high-level group individual and group support over a one-year period (February, 2022 – January 2023, with the Foundational Groove content commencing January 21, 2022). I understand that by enrolling in The Body of Breath Inner Groove Experience, I am making a commitment to my personal wellness and to substantial life alignments that will support my well being. I am willing to show up, stay committed to my personal practice and support myself and others to the best of my ability and to ask for what I need so that I can create the life that I desire.

I understand and am in agreement with the following: 

  1. NOT THERAPY: I understand that what The Body of Breath is offering me is a Breathwork individual and group support program and that this type of coaching is not, nor does it replace, therapy, counseling or psychoanalysis.   
  1. COMMUNICATION: I agree to communicate responsibly and hold confidential communications that I have with individuals in the program. I agree to take full responsibility for my results in the program.  If I have feedback or concerns about the program I agree to email The Body of Breath’s team directly because I understand they are invested in my success.
  1. COMMITMENT TO YOU: I understand that in addition to the 12 1:1 sessions and monthly group support and content through the Inner Groove, I will receive access to the Foundational Groove content and Q&A Calls monthly along with the Library of The Body of Breath Resources. 
  1. Individualized 1:1 Support: I understand Ashley Ludman will provide 12 1:1 sessions that can be accessed monthly and additional monthly group calls and support sessions that are my responsibility to either 1) attend live through the Zoom space, or 2) receive the call link and complete the missed live session (for groups) as soon as I am able following the scheduled call.  It is my personal responsibility to schedule my 1:1 calls and show up as I am able and desire for additional support through the group work.
  2. GROUP PROGRAM COMPONENTS YOU WILL RECEIVE: The Body of Breath Inner Groove is delivered over the course of 12 months beginning February 2022 ending January 2023 and includes the following:
  •  12  Private 1:1 Breathes and Alignment Support with Ash (these calls are recorded for your use.)
  •  Access to Live (or recorded) Group Breathes for the Inner Groove Circle specially curated for the emerging needs and themes of the members. (Monthly times TBD based on members’ schedules.)


  1. COST: The early registration cost of the 12-Month Inner Groove Experience through The Body of Breath is $3333 for the experience for payment in full prior to February 15, 2022. Payment plan option $333 deposit with 11 additional payments of $333.  If I pay in monthly installments, I hereby agree to remit the monthly payments via pre-authorized automatic electronic debit from my bank account or credit card and continuing until payment is made in full. Payments are not refundable for any reason.  I understand this is not a membership program and I agree to be responsible for the payment in full.


  2. RESPONSIBILITY & RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I take full personal responsibility for my choices and behaviors during, and as a result of The Body of Breath Inner Groove Experience.


  3. LATE PAYMENTS: I understand that should I fail to remit any of the required payments on time, I will receive an email or other written notice from the office of The Body of Breath.  If, after 30 days, I still have not made the late payment, The Body of Breath. may terminate further services until I am caught up with payments.  I will be responsible for the remaining balance owed to The Body of Breath. for the Inner Groove Experience, regardless of any termination of services attributable to late payments or other cause.  I understand that if any of my payments is more than 2 months late, a late fee will be charged at the rate of 5% per annum on the overdue amount for the entire period from the initial due date to the payment date.


  1. CONFIDENTIALITY: I acknowledge and understand that the support and coaching that you will receive and share in through the duration of the Foundational Experience and the Inner Groove Experience is sacred and we acknowledge the importance of keeping the confidentiality of what others share and you will be offered the same respect.


  2. CONTENT:    All materials, procedures, policies, and standards, teaching manuals, private library resources and supplemental offerings made available by Ashley Ludman in connection with The Body of Breath Inner Groove Experience, content is for personal use only, and may not be sold, recorded, videotaped, shared, taught, given away, or otherwise divulged without the express written consent of Ashley Ludman or designated agent.


  3. PROGRAM COMMITMENT AND TERMINATION: I understand The Body of Breath may terminate services if: (1) I do not make any required payment after notice as provided above; or (2) I am conducting myself in a manner in which I show harm to myself or others or (3) if I violate the confidentiality covenant stated above or breach any other provision of this Agreement.


I hereby commit to investing in myself and the Inner Groove Experience.  I agree to the payment amount & terms selected above.  

I understand that I have 3 days after signing up for a full refund, and after the 3 days, my deposit is non-refundable.  I understand that I have until 30 days after program’s start to cancel or withdraw from the program (minus applicable fees), and after those 30 days I will be responsible for the entire financial commitment. I understand that if I pay in full for the program and decide to cancel prior to 30 days, a 10% Administration Fee will be assessed plus class fees. I understand if I’m on a payment plan, my deposit and my first month payment is non refundable. I understand that a space is reserved for me and preparations are made for my attendance in the entire 12 month program immediately upon registration and I agree to be fully IN.