Inaugural Women’s Circle 2023-2024

From: $111.00 / month for 12 months

March 2023 – March 2024
Online and recorded

Dear Beautiful Women,

Our time together in the 3 months through the distance has inspired me to continue and expand our circle. To acknowledge and thank you for the initiation of this community, I would like to offer you a possibility to continue in our dive at a reduced rate.

The circle will include master classes that will be in addition to the Monday, Thursday and Moon Breathes in addition to upcoming additional scheduled weekend classes. If you would like to take advantage of the year in advance, you will also receive a 1:1 session with Ash to be scheduled as you need after April.

Thank you for lighting a fire of support for yourselves and the circles around you.



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The magic, power and strength of this work is the consistency over time. We have felt the circle grow in support and are excited to widen the reach of our community that is growing.

Welcome to the Women’s Breathwork Circle 2023-2024.

The Her-Story…

This circle of support for women incorporating breathwork and an inquiry into Psilocybin Microdosing began with a 3 month inquiry in November of 2022. It was intentionally scheduled around the holiday season, as emotions and chaos often times run high in this time of the calendar. A group of 24 women met through the zoom space on Monday nights, Thursday mornings and New Moon and Full Moon “ceremonial” times. We grew our distance connection through an ongoing WhatsApp conversation. Everything was optional. It still is, as we have recognized the power of this circle and have dedicated to continue it for the next year.

The magic, power and strength of this work is the consistency over time, and I am thrilled to open our circle to receive 50 women in the offering. I have watched the circle grow in support and am excited to widen the reach of our community that is growing.

In addition to the Monday and Thursday calls, New Moon, Full Moon sessions and the WhatsApp conversation, I will also be adding a Weekend Breathe and Specific Microdose Support Check in Calls through the Month.

We will be welcoming in new voices for special “master class” additions. In the master classes, as a member of the circle, you will be invited as part of your investment, and we will be opening up these additional sessions for women from the outside of our circle to join us.

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to dive deeper into Breakout~Breakthrough series sessions such as our upcoming dives into shadow work, sexuality, and healing the ancestral traumas. As a core member of our circle, you will have a discounted rate for this work if you choose to join the series.

Over the short span of time of this initial circle, I have witnessed massive breakthroughs and deepening support of the women who were ready for their own realignments, reclamation of power while strengthening their voices, vulnerability and vitality.

And NOW…we are ready for more.

We are opening up this new phase of the circle for you if you are ready to…

  • Invest in yourself.
  • Agree to be open to receive support.
  • Trust that in the space of a year that when you show up for yourself in a bigger way, you will have the possibility to see a new reality.
  • Trust in the work of understanding how to align from within by using your breath, contemplative inquiry and conscious present moment awareness as an anchor.
  • Recognize that you do have choice and agency to find fulfillment in your day to day life, even when the triggers and obstacles meet you.
  • Understand that YOU will be a part of a powerful community that is in the process of evolution. In seeing the others around you as powerful, compassionate threads of the circle, you will also see yourself in a new light.

In the upcoming year, we will be leaning into and inquiring about all things related to women. Nothing will be off limits. You CAN’T get this wrong! All you need to know is that showing up is the most important piece for you. And, there are ways of showing up off camera, in the time after the initial meeting and in the conversations “behind the scenes.”

The work of The Body of Breath method is a tantric perspective (all parts of the whole have their space in the tapestry of life) of the breathwork practice with education in presence, somatic inquiry, energy medicine and nervous system regulation. The times following our group breathes will be dedicated to integration of the work and life. As we continue to grow together we will celebrate our individual and collective growth.

What to expect:

  • Monday night calls 7pm EST
  • Thursday morning calls 10am EST
  • New Moons 7pm EST
  • Full Moons 7pm EST

(Moon ceremony breathes scheduled at 7pm unless on weekends and time TBA)

After our circle investment reaches 25+ participants, we will be adding a weekend call, and the time will be determined by majority vote. All calls are recorded and will be available on the member login content page directly through The Body of Breath website.

  • Microdosing consultation with our recommended cultivator, Bill, and follow up support calls to help you integrate or learn about incorporating the intuitive protocols of a microdose regimine. You do not have to be in an active microdose process. These calls will not be recorded. One microdose integration session per month with time TBA.
  • Master classes with female holistic healers and empowerment facilitators
  • WhatsApp communication support with the women in the circle
  • Accessibility to Ashley and the senior teachers in the circle via WhatsApp messages in real time
  • “Behind the Scenes” support through voice message check ins or 10 minute chats with Ash and senior facilitators
  • Availability to schedule 1:1 sessions directly with Ash or senior teachers at a special rate for being a member of this circle
  • Access to series classes or specialty offerings at a reduced rate
  • Those who are interested in using the hours of this circle towards Breathwork Facilitator Training are encouraged to do so! There will be upcoming information about a distance Facilitator Training Course with The Body of Breath.

All times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time)



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