Breathwork Foundations

Breathwork Foundations Full Program
July 22-August 6, 2023

Build a breathwork practice that is adaptive to your needs, powerful in scope and gives you tools for contemplation and a supportive network to inspire you to be the most authentic and present version of yourself. This is also a starting point for the 400 hour Breathwork Facilitator Program, in accordance with the Breathwork Alliance standards and guidelines.

This program is sold out. Please visit soon for future dates.

Modern day Breathwork encompasses many possibilities. It is an integration of neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplation, action and artistry. It all begins with YOU.

If you are seeking a practice that helps to give you tools to balance your nervous system, uncover, and repattern habits that limit you from living a life that is more closely aligned with your desires, core values, freedom and joy, The Body of Breath can offer you a new perspective.

Rooted in tantric philosophy (all parts of life are important threads of the larger picture…nothing is off limits), The Body of Breath offers the breather adaptations and tools to create this presence, balance and possibilities of repatterning limiting patterns.

The Body of Breath is also a community of others who are aligned with a similar vision.

It is the strength of our ever evolving community that is another tool to remind you that you are not alone in your pursuit of greater alignment with your purpose. In our conversations both in session and outside of the classroom dialogue, you will be supported in gaining access to your highest wisdom.

The biggest intention of The Body of Breath method is to remind you that you already have all you need within to navigate the chaos of the waves of life that we can’t stop.

Your greatest strength also lies in your deepest challenges. Through contemplation processes, which include therapeutic journaling and expressive arts, you will learn to shift your perspective to see the gifts of navigating the waves of life as only you have done so uniquely.

Breathwork Foundations is not only an entry point into our Breathwork Facilitator Training program that follows the Breathwork Alliance’s 400 hour guidelines, it is also a great starting point for all human breathers who want more out of life.

Enjoy the power of this practice from the comfort of your own home. Live sessions are scheduled for this module July-August 2023, and the recordings and additional resources are held in the content library of this site.

Schedule for Live Online Sessions: Please note that all times are listed in ET. 

Saturday July 22 10am-noon. Introduction to the history and benefits of Breathwork. Recognizing patterns. Full Spectrum Practice.   

Sunday July 23 10am-noon. The 5 bodied approach to finding presence and the relationship to tantric philosophy. Breathing into the body map.

Sunday July 23 7pm-8pm. The value of community.  

Tuesday July 25. 7-9pm. Breathing into the physical body. Anatomy of Breath. Movement inquiry. Your biography is your biology.

Thursday July 27. 7-9pm. Regulating the nervous system through breath techniques and tuning into your blueprint of response patterning.

Saturday July 29. 10am-noon. The Tantric Web and Conscious Connected Circular breathing. How it works. Considerations and contraindications.

Sunday July 30. 10am-noon. Conscious Connected Circular breathing. Continuity.

Sunday July 30. 7-8pm. Conscious connected circular breathing. Integration tools.

Tuesday August 1. 7-9pm. Breathing into the inquiry of the energy body. Mapping the main channel and the main energy centers. Therapeutic journaling.

Thursday August 3. 7-9pm. Integration Q&A. Full spectrum practice.

Saturday August 5. 10am-noon Mirroring. Conscious communication strategies. Seeing where YOU are in the relationship to the other.

Sunday August 6  10am-noon Full spectrum practice and closing.