Breathwork Foundation Drop-in Sessions

Breathwork Foundation Drop-in Sessions
July 22-August 6, 2023

Build a breathwork practice that is adaptive to your needs, powerful in scope and gives you tools for contemplation and a supportive network to inspire you to be the most authentic and present version of yourself. This is also a starting point for the 400 hour Breathwork Facilitator Program, in accordance with the Breathwork Alliance standards and guidelines.

Foundations Work: Explore the foundations of a breathwork practice that is designed to give you progressive tools to become rooted in presence. Learn techniques to balance your nervous system, understand and repattern your responses to life triggers and live with greater ease.

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What do I need for this course?

Commitment to self-study
A quiet, distraction free practice space
Props (yoga mat or breathing palate, pillows, bolsters, blankets, eye pillow)
Items or an altar to help you claim your space (candle, incense, aromatherapy)
If you wish to hear the playlist during the breathe, a second sound source. You will be given a playlist prior to each breathe to connect to at the start of the breathe portion of the session.

Schedule for Live Online Sessions: Please note that all times are listed in ET. 

Saturday July 22 10am-noon. Introduction to the history and benefits of Breathwork. Recognizing patterns. Full Spectrum Practice.   

Sunday July 23 10am-noon. The 5 bodied approach to finding presence and the relationship to tantric philosophy. Breathing into the body map.

Sunday July 23 7pm-8pm. The value of community.  

Tuesday July 25. 7-9pm. Breathing into the physical body. Anatomy of Breath. Movement inquiry. Your biography is your biology.

Thursday July 27. 7-9pm. Regulating the nervous system through breath techniques and tuning into your blueprint of response patterning.

Saturday July 29. 10am-noon. The Tantric Web and Conscious Connected Circular breathing. How it works. Considerations and contraindications.

Sunday July 30. 10am-noon. Conscious Connected Circular breathing. Continuity.

Sunday July 30. 7-8pm. Conscious connected circular breathing. Integration tools.

Tuesday August 1. 7-9pm. Breathing into the inquiry of the energy body. Mapping the main channel and the main energy centers. Therapeutic journaling.

Thursday August 3. 7-9pm. Integration Q&A. Full spectrum practice. (No drop in)

Saturday August 5. 10am-noon Mirroring. Conscious communication strategies. Seeing where YOU are in the relationship to the other. (No drop in)

Sunday August 6  10am-noon Full spectrum practice and closing. (No drop in)

For full program please check out Breathwork Foundations.